Why you need protein

The foreign word "protein" means only "protein" and it is the main building material for muscles. Growth of muscle mass, increase strength and endurance are the main tasks of a bodybuilder, and therefore, athletes need to consume enough protein, or their muscles just will not grow. In ordinary life, people get protein from food - meat, fish, eggs, milk, legumes. But when loads increase the need for protein increases dramatically several times. Besides, to replenish the protein you need as quickly as possible. For those who are not able to eat 5 chicken Breasts at a time, and was invented by a protein in powder form.
The protein used in rest days - in this case, his portion is reduced.

How to choose the right protein

The most popular type of protein is prepared from whey. It is well absorbed and is not so expensive as, for example, egg. Whey concentrate is composed of 60% protein, and isolate up to 80%. Whey protein refers to the high. It is preferable to drink it immediately after workout, within the hour. It will stop the muscle breakdown that starts after a power load, and start the recovery process. During prolonged exercise, you can drink protein between exercises. Some athletes drink protein shakes an hour before workout. It helps the muscles to work longer and increase their endurance. However, in this situation it is better to replace protein with amino acids.

Casein is the protein of milk whey with addition of Storozhevaya enzymes. Casein is absorbed sufficiently long and long time and maintains a feeling of satiety. This type of protein to drink at night to suppress muscle breakdown while you sleep.
Natural analogue of casein curd.

There are also weight gainers - mix protein with carbohydrates and a small amount of fat. Weight gainers are designed for very rapid weight. But they are suitable not only obese people with very low levels of body fat. Otherwise, a weight gainer can cause fullness.

Protein comes in powder form, which is preparing a cocktail. Depending on your weight and workout intensity for a single serving, is taken 1-3 measuring scoop. The powder is mixed with the liquid in the special shaker. Mix protein with any liquid - water, milk, juice, everyone chooses according to their taste. The prepared drink should drink for 3-4 hours. Especially experienced athletes make protein ice cream and even cooking cakes using powder instead of flour.