If you have decided to start drinking protein shakes, you need to know about some rules of admission of additional protein. It is best to drink the cocktail immediately, but in several stages, dividing the norm of its volume a few doses.
Before training, drink one part cocktail after a workout, the second that the body did not lack in proteins throughout the class.
If you want to quickly and effectively gain muscle mass, get a special whey protein and take it before workouts and after them – this protein acts faster than normal cocktails.
Useful to drink protein products at night before bedtime – it's not necessary to purchase special cocktails, enough to buy a simple natural yogurt. In the morning also eating the right dose of protein.
Calculate in a special calculator his or her daily value of protein and divide the resulting number by five. You will get the amount of protein for a morning reception in grams. Add the desired amount of protein (for example, 20 grams at a daily rate of 100 grams) milk or any other beverage and drink in the morning on an empty stomach.
If you are resting and during the day never training hard, drink protein shakes more a couple times a day. Regularly providing the body with adequate amounts of protein, along with constant training will lead to effective recruitment of muscle mass, and you will be able to find a figure of your dreams.