What is proteins

Essentially protein is protein. It is a natural substance and different from the usual protein foods in that it has a high degree of purification, that is, has in its composition of fats and carbohydrates.
Get protein from eggs, meat, whey from cow's milk.

This food can be called ideal for the modern man, the way of life is sedentary and full of stress and fatigue. Under these conditions practically vanishes need of carbohydrates and fats, and protein, on the contrary, becomes critical. This is due to the intensive consumption of protein by the body.

It would seem that the protein is completely harmless and even useful. And this is true, but subject to certain conditions.

As not to hurt the body by eating protein

The main rule when introduced into your diet protein powder strict compliance measures. In order to restore or stimulate muscle growth, increase the production of enzymes and hormones is often sufficient to use protein supplements no more than 2-2,5 g per 1 kg of your weight.

If you increase the required norms of consumption of protein the body can cause great harm. Especially dangerous is when too much rules are repeated regularly. In such cases, the excess protein begins to play parts in the human liver, thus forming carcinogens. They, in turn, pose a serious burden on the liver, heart, kidneys and intestines. First and foremost, the damage caused by the immune system. Excessive and prolonged consumption of protein there are stones in the kidneys and liver.
People with a ban on the use of dairy products, as well as individual intolerance of protein, protein supplementation is strictly prohibited.

With already available diseases of internal organs, protein intake aggravates the disease. It should be remembered that sometimes a medical condition can occur completely unbeknownst to the person. It is therefore extremely important prior to using protein to make a diagnosis of the body to identify diseases of the internal organs. And only making the lack of different kinds of pathologies in the liver, kidneys and cardiovascular system, and you can enter in your diet protein supplements.
At the lowered secretion of gastric juice, protein intake should be abandoned.

If it is correct to calculate the required daily intake of this type of sports nutrition, do not exceed it, and do not have the above-described problems with the body, that can make proteins without any concerns.