Why take protein

For muscle building necessary protein which can be obtained from ordinary food. But the amount of protein in it is limited. Moreover, heat treatment deprives the products of a large number of nutrients.

Sports nutrition, especially protein, helps the body Builder to obtain the necessary for the body trace elements and vitamins.

Protein is easy to use. It replenishes the body with amino acids and protein, which perfectly digestible.

How to choose a good protein to build muscle

There are several types of protein:

- whey (quickly absorbed);
- casein (long digested, so is ideal for consumption before bed, and also has a remarkable amino acid composition);
- gainer (contains not only proteins, but carbohydrates).

For muscle gain you can use any of the following types of protein. Each athlete must choose it for themselves, as some people tend to be overweight, and others, on the contrary, too difficult to gain weight. So, those who have the tendency to rapid weight gain, better not to buy a gainer, as it contains large amounts of carbohydrates. And for those who can't gain weight, it is recommended to take it protein-carbohydrate cocktails.

In order to choose the right sports nutrition, pay attention to the manufacturer. Focus only on the popular brands that have proven themselves in the market, such as SAN, Optimum Nutrition, BSN, Universal, MHP, Weider, Twinlab, Muscletech.
To save on protein is not recommended, if possible, choose for yourself one of the most expensive.

Do not pay attention to advertising of any kind. Take a moment to compare the compositions of multiple proteinaceous compounds to select ideal. Read the reviews about this product and the recommendation of the professional bodybuilders.
Don't buy new, don't need to experiment. Choose a manufacturer, which is fixed to the sports nutrition market not less than three years.

And most importantly, remember to use the protein you need combined with proper diet and good training. If you eat fast food and skip gym sessions, sports nutrition hardly something will help you. Excellent results can be obtained only by spending effort.