Take any measuring Cup, pour in 200 ml of water (instead of water you can also fill a glass of juice or milk, the effect will not change, at least for the worse for sure). For enhanced solubility instead of glass you can use a shaker.
Add 2 heaped tablespoons one hundred percent egg protein (this will be approximately 25 grams) and stir it in water or shake in a shaker.
Take a protein shake at least one hour before your workout and half an hour after her. This temporary restriction is due to the fact that the dietary intake of protein is much less effective due to the fact that the speed of their digestion and absorption in the body is significantly reduced in the recovery process.
Although the optimal single dose of egg protein is considered to be a dose equal to 25-30 g of the product, excluding main meal, be sure to calculate your daily body's need for protein in grams. In order to make such a calculation, use the following formula: multiply your body weight expressed in kilograms, 2-2. 5. This formula expresses the total demand of protein in grams, where the number 2 (2,5) is the number of grams of protein per day per 1 kg weight of the athlete. With the help of this highly concentrated formula will provide you up to 50% of the daily requirement in proteins.
If you want to achieve truly effective results from the intake of protein, exercise regularly, not knocks from your training schedule. Also, enrich your diet with meat, fish, milk, cheese, sour cream, and other dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits. And be sure to sleep at least 8 hours a day.