Do you need sports drinks?

The topic of sports nutrition is accompanied by dozens of myths and misconceptions. Ardent opponents the fitness supplements are sure that this is all chemicals, hormones and anabolics. However, it is such a blatant ignorance and leads to the fact that the workouts are ineffective: undergo months of intensive training, and the body, especially women, remains loose and without relief. The fact is that during strength training you do not comply with proper nutrition, namely, adequate and balanced use of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Particularly difficult is the case with protein: to gain the necessary daily norm is extremely difficult, and the lack of protein always has a negative impact on the condition of the muscles. If the body has not received the portion of protein and carbohydrates within half an hour after the workout, you worked for nothing. The muscles will not be able to recover and contribute to fat burning, the metabolism will slow down, the forces leave. To give muscles the necessary support, you can enlist the help of sports smoothies - healthy and safe.

One of the common misconceptions: sports nutrition contributes to the unrestrained growth of muscle. Actually, to get serious muscle gains, women need to train 2 times a day with a constant increase in weight and to eat huge portions of protein and carbohydrates. And even then, not guaranteed bodybuilding relief, for which you need to follow a dozen more terms and nuances. Proteins and weight gainers - just the full Supplement that will help you make training more effective.

What is the difference between proteins and gainers

The main component of these types of sports nutrition - whey protein or soy protein, which is absorbed by the body much better than ordinary vegetable and animal proteins. The composition and purpose of these various additives. In protein shake - high protein and a small percentage of carbohydrates and additives that contribute to the absorption of the product. Such a tool can replace a full meal and is also recommended for use before and after workouts. A protein shake helps to lose weight, restore muscle, get the metabolism and regulate the level of glucose in the blood after training.

In the composition of the gainers is dominated by carbohydrates, there are essential fats, and the percentage of protein content can vary from 20 to 30. This cocktail will help effectively build muscle, especially those to whom it is given with great difficulty.

Good proteins and weight gainers can not be cheap. Low cost product - a reason to be suspicious.

Contraindications to the use of protein and gainer

Before you use a particular athletic Supplement will be examined in the composition. The purer the components are, the less sugar in the product, the better. Remember that whey protein is almost always better soy. Proteins and weight gainers usually have a variety of flavors, so examine the ingredients on the subject of individual intolerance.

The majority of sports protein powders differs little from cocktails for pregnant women. If the baby you continue strength training, protein supplements will benefit you and future baby.

Sports cocktails are not recommended to drink while breastfeeding. There are opinions that too much protein can give an extra load on the kidneys baby. In addition, a number of components of proteins and gainers is often a cause of rashes in infants.