Advice 1: How should you drink protein

Dietary supplements with protein widely used as nutritional Supplement for quick muscle mass, after serious illness, as a means for quick recovery of the body. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, with the right intake help suppress the destructive action of aldosterone, cortisol and catecholamine.
How should you drink protein
You will need
  • - protein shake;
  • - scoop;
  • - milk or any other liquid.
Before taking any dietary supplements get a recommendation of a physician and nutritionist, and carefully read the instructions for use of the drug from the manufacturer, as the dose of protein in different preparations may vary significantly.
To gain muscle mass use 45 grams of protein per day. This dose is efficiently divided into 3 doses. First the protein intake should be 2 hours after Breakfast, the second one 1 hour before workout, the third is 2 hours after a workout. Although some coaches suggest drinking a protein shake immediately after waking, before exercise and immediately after its completion. This method of application need for rapid recruitment of muscle mass. If 45 g of protein is ineffective after three weeks, increase the dose by one third.
For a protein smoothie, use a measuring spoon which comes with a dietary Supplement, mix three scoops with 500 ml of any liquid, carefully shake without using a blender. To get the maximum effect, add protein powder to the milk.
If you do not plan to model the reliefs of the body and to build muscle, and want to take proteinto recover quickly after suffering severe disease, doses of dietary supplements and methods of reception you recommend your doctor.
Do not exceed a dosage of a biologically active protein Supplement. When taking too high of doses can have a serious problem with the kidneys, liver, gall bladder and pancreas. If poisoning protein, or negative nitrogen balance, loss of appetite, may appear nausea and vomiting. In this case, the full discard protein supplements, eliminate from the diet of protein foods. In the presence of nausea, swelling, vomiting, immediately consult a doctor.

Advice 2 : How to drink protein right

Protein is the most popular type of sports nutrition. Drink protein shakes every self-respecting athlete. Protein will fit into your sports diet, regardless of goals - weight loss, mass, or work on the terrain.
How to drink protein right

Why you need protein

The foreign word "protein" means only "protein" and it is the main building material for muscles. Growth of muscle mass, increase strength and endurance are the main tasks of a bodybuilder, and therefore, athletes need to consume enough protein, or their muscles just will not grow. In ordinary life, people get protein from food - meat, fish, eggs, milk, legumes. But when loads increase the need for protein increases dramatically several times. Besides, to replenish the protein you need as quickly as possible. For those who are not able to eat 5 chicken Breasts at a time, and was invented by a protein in powder form.
The protein used in rest days - in this case, his portion is reduced.

How to choose the right protein

The most popular type of protein is prepared from whey. It is well absorbed and is not so expensive as, for example, egg. Whey concentrate is composed of 60% protein, and isolate up to 80%. Whey protein refers to the high. It is preferable to drink it immediately after workout, within the hour. It will stop the muscle breakdown that starts after a power load, and start the recovery process. During prolonged exercise, you can drink protein between exercises. Some athletes drink protein shakes an hour before workout. It helps the muscles to work longer and increase their endurance. However, in this situation it is better to replace protein with amino acids.

Casein is the protein of milk whey with addition of Storozhevaya enzymes. Casein is absorbed sufficiently long and long time and maintains a feeling of satiety. This type of protein to drink at night to suppress muscle breakdown while you sleep.
Natural analogue of casein curd.

There are also weight gainers - mix protein with carbohydrates and a small amount of fat. Weight gainers are designed for very rapid weight. But they are suitable not only obese people with very low levels of body fat. Otherwise, a weight gainer can cause fullness.

Protein comes in powder form, which is preparing a cocktail. Depending on your weight and workout intensity for a single serving, is taken 1-3 measuring scoop. The powder is mixed with the liquid in the special shaker. Mix protein with any liquid - water, milk, juice, everyone chooses according to their taste. The prepared drink should drink for 3-4 hours. Especially experienced athletes make protein ice cream and even cooking cakes using powder instead of flour.

Advice 3 : How to drink water to treat edema

Swelling can be a serious problem at any age. Most often, they arise from the fact that the body tries to keep as much water as possible, because he believes that it is not enough. In this situation, drinking less water is a very bad decision.
How to drink water to treat edema

Little water is bad, water - well

The human body is a complex and perfect machine. After any strict diet, the body begins to every extra calorie "stored" in the extra pounds, to form a stock. And when it is not getting enough fluid, it creates swelling, to conserve water for future use. So, even taking the decision to change lifestyle, diet, physical activity, do not do it abruptly, otherwise you may have unexpected problems.

Reducing the amount of water in the diet, you will not get rid of edema, only make it worse. Taking diuretics, you risk depriving your body of nutrients, which are beginning to be washed away if too active the use of such funds. The easiest way to deal with swelling is to normalize drinking a diet and stick to it.
Tea and coffee are not suitable for the treatment of swelling, because they have diuretic properties.

To calculate the daily amount of water, you need to understand how much fluid the body loses daily in the process of life. You may mistakenly conclude that this number is small, and all the water is lost solely while sweating and urinating. In fact, the human body loses water even during each exhalation. The average person loses for days two and a half liters of water to maintain water balance, you need to drink about the same amount.

Drink more

Force yourself to drink daily two and a half liters of water is quite difficult. Does not make sense in the evening to "finish" the right amount, drinking five glasses of water. But that number is a rough guideline. Depending on additional factors, but this may vary.
To understand whether there is enough water you drink enough to pay attention to urine color. If it is dark, increase the amount of liquid.

For example, smokers need to drink a little more water, as well as those who are actively involved in sports. A number of diseases requires to consume more fluids – colds or illnesses which dehydrate the body. To drink more than two and a half litres of water are needed in the presence of edema or excessive weight.

To remove the swelling as quickly as possible, it is advisable to drink the pure, sparkling water. Best of all, if it is ordinary table water, since the salts contained in the mineral may contribute to fluid retention. If the problem with the edema is serious, try to exclude from a diet of overly salted food, and try to season your food to a minimum. In order that the water balance has fully recovered, and the swelling is gone, your body will take from weeks to months. But this does not mean that after the disappearance of the swelling, you can greatly reduce the amount of water.

Advice 4 : How to choose the protein for muscle mass

Protein is the building blocks of muscles. It is in foods such as meat, fish, curd, cheese, milk, eggs, etc professional bodybuilders and even athletes to fans for normal growth of muscles is not enough protein, which is in these products. They are encouraged to take protein concentrated protein. The main task – correctly to choose this type of sports nutrition.
How to choose the protein for muscle mass

Why take protein

For muscle building necessary protein which can be obtained from ordinary food. But the amount of protein in it is limited. Moreover, heat treatment deprives the products of a large number of nutrients.

Sports nutrition, especially protein, helps the body Builder to obtain the necessary for the body trace elements and vitamins.

Protein is easy to use. It replenishes the body with amino acids and protein, which perfectly digestible.

How to choose a good protein to build muscle

There are several types of protein:

- whey (quickly absorbed);
- casein (long digested, so is ideal for consumption before bed, and also has a remarkable amino acid composition);
- gainer (contains not only proteins, but carbohydrates).

For muscle gain you can use any of the following types of protein. Each athlete must choose it for themselves, as some people tend to be overweight, and others, on the contrary, too difficult to gain weight. So, those who have the tendency to rapid weight gain, better not to buy a gainer, as it contains large amounts of carbohydrates. And for those who can't gain weight, it is recommended to take it protein-carbohydrate cocktails.

In order to choose the right sports nutrition, pay attention to the manufacturer. Focus only on the popular brands that have proven themselves in the market, such as SAN, Optimum Nutrition, BSN, Universal, MHP, Weider, Twinlab, Muscletech.
To save on protein is not recommended, if possible, choose for yourself one of the most expensive.

Do not pay attention to advertising of any kind. Take a moment to compare the compositions of multiple proteinaceous compounds to select ideal. Read the reviews about this product and the recommendation of the professional bodybuilders.
Don't buy new, don't need to experiment. Choose a manufacturer, which is fixed to the sports nutrition market not less than three years.

And most importantly, remember to use the protein you need combined with proper diet and good training. If you eat fast food and skip gym sessions, sports nutrition hardly something will help you. Excellent results can be obtained only by spending effort.
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