You will need
  • Baking soda, antibacterial liquidator odors, water, vinegar.
Try to spray smelling place baking soda (abundantly) and water from a spray bottle. Then vacuum. This is a very effective remedy for removing the smell of urine.
Buy in the departments of products for animals antibacterial liquidator odors from cats and dogs. Put the tool in a room where unpleasant smells. Instead of the liquidator of the smell from the animals to buy one that is recommended for your car. After the eradicator will do the job, ventilate the room thoroughly.
Combine in the ratio of 1:1 water and vinegar. Wipe with a solution of the damaged area. Possible air the thing in the fresh air.
Use a vacuum cleaner as often as possible, even without adding in his compartment for liquid chemicals. Use a vacuum cleaner twice a week effectively eliminates the smell of urine from carpets and sofas.
Sprinkle the place just texted the child, washing powder, top drip 5-7 drops of essential tea tree oil for flavoring. RUB the powder on the cloth. Remove with a damp cloth sprinkled.
Squeeze the juice of two lemons. Add the same volume of water, how much juice in the tank. Wipe with a solution of smelling. If strong smell of the sofa, can be abundant to moisten it or even "make shots" in the sofa upholstery lemon with a solution of an ordinary disposable syringe. In the same way, apply the hydrogen peroxide, liberally wetting it problem areas in the house.
Make a soap solution (concentrated) soap diluted in water. Wipe them with a cloth, carpets, mattress, other items. Possible ventilate after treatment things.
Perfectly struggling with the smell of urine baby the sun's rays, fresh air, frost and water. All that can be taken outdoors or balcony even in summer, though the winter - take out and hang (a baby blanket, pillow, mattress, rugs and other items that smell like urine). Ventilate as often as possible the interior of the house, if it is a persistent unpleasant smell.