You will need
  • - vinegar or vinegar essence
  • gloves and protective mask
  • vanillin
  • - ground coffee, milk, lemon slices
  • - a few cups
If the old wardrobe exudes an unpleasant odor, it is necessary to get rid of. He still will serve you faithfully for months and years.
Dilute vinegar in water, making a rather concentrated solution. Wear gloves and a protective mask, dampen a cloth with vinegar, wipe all interior and exterior Cabinet surface. This smell will be removed, and will be good for disinfecting the old wood.
Leave the Cabinet doors open and allow the wood to dry well. After this procedure, the smell is significantly reduced, but not disappear. Scatter on the shelves vanilla sugar, leave it for a couple of days for exposure. Vanilla will pull the remnants of the unpleasant aroma of soaked wood of their own.
Besides, who doesn't love vanilla scents, can be placed in a Cabinet cups warm milk, ground coffee, chopped lemon or flavored salts. Daily change the contents of the cups so it didn't go bad.