You will need
  • vinegar;
  • rag;
  • vanilla sugar;
  • the tea bags;
  • lemon;
  • soap;
  • coffee.
Dilute in water or vinegar to make a concentrated solution. Wear protective mask, gloves and wipe dipped in a vinegar solution with a cloth, all the surface of the furniture. This method not only helps to get rid of smell, but excellent disinfectant, and old wood. After this procedure, leave the furniture to dry: do not close the Cabinet door, pull out the drawers, do not cover does table.
If the vinegar did not help to completely eliminate the smell of the furniture, sprinkle on all horizontal surface with vanilla sugar and leave it for a few days. Vanilla great pulls bad odors and permeates the tree of its own, very pleasant and unobtrusive scent.
Not everyone likes the smell of vanilla, and some people have an Allergy to it. In this case, replace vanilla sugar with a Cup of coffee, lemon, milk, or flavored salts. Products that you put on furniture, must be fresh, otherwise you only increase the odor by mixing in thereto unpleasant notes of sour milk or a rotten lemon. So the time to replace products. You can also use special flavors for furniture sold in small bags. You can choose the flavor that will have you in mind. As flavoring you can also use favorite good-smelling soap or shampoo.
Well help to get rid of the smell of the tea bags. Take an unused tea bags green or black tea and arrange all the furniture, put on all the shelves in the cupboard and the table and store the week. This method is very effective when the smell of furniture made of chipboard. When the smell disappears, throw away the tea bags to brew them anymore!
The smell from upholstered furniture, you can also remove the vinegar solution or vodka. Processed a sofa or armchair it is advisable to put in a draft or near an open window. Use freshly ground coffee sprinkled on the sofa, and then collect with a vacuum cleaner. Ways of dealing with smells furniture offers modern chemical industry: a variety of sprays and cleaners. Read the instructions carefully before you use them.