You will need
  • - liquid soap;
  • - white washing powder;
  • the liquid for washing dishes;
  • - ammonia solution;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - citric acid;
  • - vinegar.
Quality cleaning of your mattress can perform in a certified dry cleaner, and some of them are Express services that can handle your mattress with a special cleaner at home.
If you decided to do this work at home, determine which method of cleaning you need. It depends on the degree of contamination of the mattress and the material from which it is made. First, remove and wash the mattress pad.
Then do some dust removal with a vacuum cleaner. Modern vacuum cleaners allow you to clean the mattress to a depth of from 30 to 50 cm Vacuum suction with vibration will allow you to get rid of dust, lint, pet hair, and ticks, if any.
Mattress from coconut coir can be covered with a piece of moist and easy to dislodge and wipe clean with a sponge or clean brush.
Foam mattress toppers can also be cleaned with a damp brush. But if you want additionally to remove the stains, wipe gently and wash them with a sponge with clean water, but try to make it so that inside of the mattress is not exposed to water.
To clean the mattress use special tools designed for this purpose. If these resources you have at hand, you can use undyed liquid soap, white washing powder or, in extreme cases, liquid for washing dishes.
Better if you make "dry" foam. Take your tool and a small amount of water, whisk it into a thick foam and using a brush or slightly damp sponge, apply on especially tough spots. To apply the foam should be fast, circular movements, massaging deeply. Then these places should be wiped with a slightly damp clean cloth and blot dry with cloth or towel.
After this cleaning, remove the mattress in the sun to have dried (the procedure is recommended on a regular basis). Or dry with a hair dryer or fan heater.
If the mattress shed any liquid, then try to immediately blot it with a dry cloth, but not RUB. And then, depending on the type of fluid, pick up the cleaner.
Most stains you can remove with a solution of ammonia (a teaspoon in a glass of water), as well as medical alcohol. To remove mattress blood stains, use hydrogen peroxide. For organic liquids, suitable solutions of lemon juice or citric acid, vinegar (1:1 ratio).
Wet a sponge and blot or spray the product on the stain and wipe with a dry cloth. After this procedure, you can sprinkle a little wet spot the baking soda and leave for a day. And then clean off the remnants of baking soda with a vacuum cleaner. By the way, it's a good substance eliminates unpleasant odors, including soaked into the mattress as a result of Smoking.