There are several methods of getting rid of unpleasant smell in the bag.
The most common and effective way is to wash. If the source of the unpleasant smell is, for example, spilled in the bag, yogurt or other food product, it is possible to wash only lining. For better result wash the bag completely.
If your handbag is made of delicate fabrics, it is better to dry cleaning. This procedure is quite expensive, but the result will surprise you. Handbag literally adopt a new view: the smell will disappear, the colors will Shine in new ways, and all possible spots removed themselves.
Decided to clean the bag yourself? Then be sure to carefully choose washing powder.
As the bag is often stitched a variety of rhinestones, sequins and buckles, it is better to wash it by hand and in warm water. So you will be able to refresh the bag and to maintain its beauty.
If the smell is negligible, then the bag can be turned inside out and some time to hang out on the balcony. Proverif bag, you will cope with the task.
Currently, there are many different refreshing sprays. However, a similar problem they will solve only temporarily, drowning out the odor.
Of course, it is better initially to protect your bag from any such trouble. For example, if you bring your own food, then pack them in special plastic containers to avoid leakage.
Try not to carry in bags anticipated sources of unpleasant smell, for example, shoes. For such things you can use a plastic bag.
Regularly sort it out in my purse, throwing out the accumulated junk. And if your bag has an unpleasant smell, use one of the above tips.