Modern means for wet cleaning of carpets not only removes impurities, but also odors and removes static electricity with natural products. Buy any suitable by means of and clean the carpet following the instructions on the package. It is usually necessary to add water and whip stiff; then it is applied on the carpet and wait for some time. After full drying it is necessary to vacuum the product. If you decide to use this way of dealing with urine smell, be sure to ventilate after the treatment room.
Take regular baking soda and sprinkle on carpet, and then thoroughly RUB it into the fibers of the product. Wait a few minutes and on the highest power vacuum carpet. If there is no cleaner, just emboss flooring, hanging on a sturdy rope on the street. Soda absorb odors and cleans the carpet from dirt.
If you have light coloured carpet, dilute any chlorine bleach in warm water and clean with a damp sponge. After processing a soap composition wipe clean with a damp cloth. Wait for drying of the carpet and vacuum it.
The smell when highly concentrated, first apply on the carpet soda, and then treated with a detergent for carpets or with a weak solution of any chlorine. You can just wash the carpet on the street with the use of powder or other detergents.