You will need
  • - vinegar or citric acid;
  • soda;
  • - stain;
  • brush for carpet;
  • - detergent for carpets.
If your problem is not only the smell, but that the piss stain visible on the carpet, remove it first. For processing light carpets, use a mild solution of vinegar or citric acid with water. Colored products cannot bear such experiments and fade, remove stains from them can be only a stain remover. Then you need to clean the whole carpet with any cleaning tool for carpets.
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Soda absorb odors. Moisten the carpet with clean water from a spray bottle and sprinkle the baking soda on it. A little RUB with a brush and wait. A few hours later, when the water evaporates, vacuum the carpet. If there is no cleaner, then shake the rug outdoors. Soda is generally well removed from the pile, and the smell of urine is eliminated.
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If the carpet is not new, and spoil you not afraid of him, dilute the chlorine with water and finish product, pay special attention to the place in which the cat went in the toilet. White or light colored carpets from such funds will not deteriorate, perhaps that will be a little cleaner. You can use the combined method, first treat the carpet with chlorine, and then apply baking soda. Remove the tool from the NAP with a vacuum cleaner and ventilate the room.
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The stores sell a detergent that eliminates odors from carpets. Buy it in the form of liquid products (dry powders are worse). Dilute detergent to rugs water in the proportions specified on the package. Treat carpeted, air dry and vacuum. So you not only eliminate the unpleasant aroma, but also refresh the color of the carpet, and he will become the pleasant aroma of the detergent.
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If you have the opportunity - wash carpet. You can do this in your yard or even just on the river or the country. Neither can replace the washing, because this way you will get rid of cat odor and thoroughly clean the carpet from stains and other contaminants.
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