How to remove the smell of cat urine

Before you begin to deal with an unpleasant "aroma" that comes from the feces of a furry pet, try to understand the reason for it. Most often, accustomed to the tray the cat starts shit in the wrong places in that case, if the tray is not cleaned regularly. Often this behavior says about the offense of the pet owner and is a kind of revenge. Try to eliminate the reason for the appearance in your home smell of cat urine.

To remove the smell of cat feces, it should correctly identify its source. Since urine fluoresces under ultraviolet light, you can use a special lamp.

In pet stores can be found on the shelves of many tools that promise to move quickly to get the smell of urine of your cat from any surface, but not all of them effective in practice, and are more expensive than common household chemicals.

To get rid of pungent smell, you can use ordinary vinegar, which is in every housewife. Add to two parts warm water with one part vinegar, pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Wash the surface that soiled the cat, and then spray the prepared mixture. Allow to dry, then wash in the usual way using any detergent.

Get rid of the smell of cat urine you can use hydrogen peroxide, which is present in any first aid kit. Pour in a convenient bowl 20 ml of peroxide, add two tablespoons with slide baking soda and teaspoon of liquid soap or dishwashing detergent. Thoroughly mix the contents of the dishes, and then apply, rubbing, soiled cat urine surface. After complete drying, rinse with water.

In any case it is impossible to get the smell of cat urine with the help of funds, which includes ammonia. These include various wipers, polishing furniture, sprayers, milking wash plates. As in the cat urine already contains ammonia, the smell can only increase, and the cat will think that in this place she can go to the toilet.

If you find a puddle of cat urine on your carpet, first dry it with toilet paper or a piece of scrap cotton fabric. To the urine is absorbed as it should be in the paper, can impose a puddle and her top set of the press. As the weighting is convenient to use a pan filled with water. Continue to spread the paper on the spot, poko this place will not become dry. Wash the surface with an unpleasant odor with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. To clean a dry stain, wet it first with warm water.

No need to get rid of the smell of cat urine

The smell of cat feces penetrates deep into the tissue surface, wood and other materials. To fight him is very difficult, and therefore, not to think then about how to get rid of the smell of cat urine, it is better such incidents to be prevented.

Seek help to the veterinarian. The reason for the regular appearance of urine odor may be a disease of the urinary system of cats, for example, kidney stone disease, megacolon, cystitis.

Purchase special cat litter is of good quality. Sand, paper and other traditional methods do not relieve you of the smell of cat urine. Do not forget to regularly clear the tray.

If the cat constantly urinates in the same place, put there her tray. Every day move it a few inches closer to your desired position. Also discourage the cat from going to toilet in an undesirable location there can be placed a bowl of food or bottled lemon juice.

When the smell of cat urine wafts from flower pots, save the plants by placing them in the crust from citrus or pine cones.

Perhaps the cat does not like the tray. Try to change it to the toilet another type.

If the cause of the smell of cat urine is stress, you should find its source. Most cats survive because of jealousy towards children or other Pets. If possible, isolate them from your cat. And try to pay more attention to her.

Praise the animal for trips to the bathroom in the right place.

But if you don't want to think about who today removed the tray and how to get the smell of cat urine, if your pet goes where it is needed, try to teach a cat to pee on the toilet.

If you are the proud owner of a British cat, then you should also bear in mind that this breed is very capricious. The Briton seldom goes for big and small business in one place, so it is better to have for such cases, different trays.