Start with a warm up muscles with dumbbells. If for the first time, deal with dumbbells, focus on their weight in pounds each. Gradually increase the weight dumbbells. Women enough pound dumbbells, men can choose the weight heavier.
Lie back down on the bench or other flat space. You can lie on the floor. Spreading his arms with dumbbells in hand and not bending them at the same time, sweep the arms in front of him. Do this 5-10 times. The load each time increase. Lying on the bench belly down, pull first one arm dumbbell to yourself (to your chest), then with the other hand.
Stand up straight. Raise the dumbbell in both hands up above the head from the shoulders and dropping them back. Another option when lifting up the hands with dumbbells, keep them behind your head and up again.
Extend your arms with the load in front of him, palms up. Bring both hands to your chest and pull arms back up to 5-10 times. Now put your hands down on either side. Lift them up to waist level, lower down. Dilute hand in hand with dumbbells, and again lower down to the hips.
Next, proceed to pushups from the floor or other surface. Those who do exercises for the first time from the floor will be immediately difficult to overcome. Because exercise of the bench (couch), away from the table. The wider will be the hands in the push-up from the surface, the greater will be the impact on the pectoral muscles.
Do pushups from two chairs set apart for such a distance that your body could fall between them. Do not redownload the muscles during class, especially if doing for the first time. Be considerate of their feelings. If you feel pain, stop the exercise.
Complete the lesson exercises, dispersing blood in the arms and shoulders. For this, folding his hands together, stretch up, above the head, straightening the spine. Put your hands down and shake them. Repeat. Hold your hands cupped in front of him, elbows to the sides. Dilute the palm, but the fingers do not disconnect, and with the stress on the wrist move your hands together again (10 times). Again to shake hands, lowering them down.