Your stadium is always near

Not always in service of the bodybuilders was an effective modern sports equipment. And inflated, beautiful and healthy people has always been, since the days of antiquity. There are plenty of exercises to develop different muscle groups in a seemingly cramped home. They are performed with simple equipment, and without them, using as load only the weight of his own body. The main condition for achieving results - regular classes.
These "glands" as pood, one and a half and two-pound weights, it was always in honor of Russian heroes. Competitions in weight-lifting and today attracts a large number of participants and fans.

Exercises on the bar

Probably one of the most versatile home exercise equipment is a horizontal bar. On the bar swinging well the muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest and abs.
The bar-the bar can be set up in the yard, securing an elementary pipe of suitable diameter between two trees. The tube can be mounted in the interior doorway, putting her in the stirrups, mounted in the jamb.

To exercise the muscles of the chest pull-up, you should perform wide grip, trying to reach the pectoral muscles of the crossbar. To train shoulders, do chin-UPS for back. Thus, we must strive to touch the crossbar of the muscles of the trapezoid. Finally, press well trained in the provision of visa on straightened arms by lifting the legs at a right angle. The legs should be straight at the knees, the body should not sway. Repeat at least 10 reps. As a variant – keeping the right angle for 10-15 seconds; lifting the legs with turns to the side.

Exercises without ammunition and special devices

Simple and affordable exercise to pump chest muscles and shoulder girdle muscles is push-UPS in push-up position. Of course, this exercise trains the muscles of the arms, mainly triceps, as well as other groups.
Many of the boys – the future athletes began with a morning pushups. Depending on the training or because of their age to begin the workout wrung out from the Ottoman, chairs, wall finally.

Abdominal exercises performed lying on the floor. Easy option – in the supine position lifting of straight legs at a right angle together or one after the other – "scissors" exercise "Bicycle". More complex performance – lift the torso to touch his head to his knees. My hands behind his head, feet fixed under, for example, a wardrobe.