You will need
  • -sports clothing,
  • -dumbbells
  • -towel
In order to pump breast at home, every day do the following exercise. Wear comfortable exercise clothing that is suitable for that top and athletic shorts.
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, shoulders pull back, fold your palms with each other at chest level, about 10 inches from her so that his arms from the elbow to the wrist parallel to the line of the shoulders, and the fingers "looked" up.
Now, properly and evenly breathe in and exhale. See in front of you. On each exhale squeeze your palm as much as possible. Distribute force evenly between your hands so that both palms pressed to each other with equal force. You correctly carry out the exercise when you feel tension in your chest. During exercise, the chest needs perking up a bit. For the first time do the exercise 15 times in two rounds, with each passing day increase the amount until you reach 30-35.
Buy in store small dumbbells weighing 1 kg. on the floor Lay a towel or foam yoga that you feel comfortable. Lie on your back, arms should be parallel to the body, then pick up the dumbbells and exhale slowly lift them up and inhale lower down. When you do the exercise the first time, make every third approach, then each training day, add 1 at a time, until you reach 30.
You also can't forget about pushups. Get down on the floor, place your palms on the floor and try push-UPS, chest touching the floor. If you have trouble, you can rely on the knees. Perform each exercise in three sets of 5 times.

Performing exercises in the complex, you will achieve good results, without leaving home.