Athletes to increase breast cells use exercise pullover. It is believed that for young people 25-28 years – is the most effective way. It is performed lying down on the bench, and the weights moving because of the head, the hands remain straight. To start the pullover better with small weights – blank fretboard or dumbbells weighing 5-6 pounds. The execution of pullovers at the gym usually does not lead to the desired result. Few weeks the load can be increased to 8-10 pounds. Further narashivanie makes sense if the athlete makes the bench press more than 115 pounds. In this case, the load can be increased up to 11-12 pounds.
To increase the load, lying on a bench across instead of down. With the feet placed on the bench and bend at the knees. This position contributes to excessive arching of the back and does not stretch the abdominal wall. The neck of the bar should be kept shoulder width apart, hands on for the entire exercise should remain straight.
Before training the fretboard tedious to keep at arm's length above the chest, then you need to take a deep breath and lower the weights behind your head. As you lower the fretboard, all the while breathe in the air, it must be one big gulp. Hands should be lowered to the position parallel to the floor, and take another breath. Then hold this position and exhale, lift the neck to its original position. The number of repeats must be at least 12-15. In the beginning these exercises do not have to focus on what you can do, most importantly, focus on the breath, expanding the thoracic cage during the lesson.
The load in this exercise can be increased, if the head will not lie the bench, and hanging from it. If you carry out exercise at home, it can be done on the floor. By the way, before it did so even professional athletes, the effectiveness of it at the same time no less.
Pullover to perform better after repetitive exercises that promote heavy breathing, for example, squats, leg press. This exercise is introduced gradually over several weeks. If you start with large loads and amplitudes, it may cause chest pain.