Exercise number one is intended for training of muscles of hands. First, sit down, keep body straight and do not bend the back. Then in each hand grab a dumbbell (you hands at the same bend in the elbows to the limit). Now the dumbbells can be lowered, and hands - to fully straighten. Repeat this exercise on each exercise for 8-10 times. Please note that to achieve the desired result, you must fulfill basic requirements: to control all movements, carefully locking the elbows, not to rock the hull.
To inflate the muscles of the hands, there is also the technique of the bench press from behind the head with one hand. To perform it, his back straighten, the entire body keep straight, and the shoulder arms position so that she was on the same line as the torso. Then lower behind the head dumbbell, both arms bend (at an angle of 90 degrees). You can then straighten your arm and return to starting position. Every time make at least eight or ten repetitions. However if you haven't got into shape and just started working, do not exceed the number of repetitions 4-6 times. All loads increase only gradually.
To pump up pectoral muscles, perform bench press. This exercise is quite effective, but to make it better in the gym (at home its execution is also possible, however, it is much harder). First take the prone position, the hands take your dumbbells. By the way, both hands should be placed at the chest level. Raise the dumbbells up, while straining the chest muscles. Lower hands slowly, slowly. When hands will be in the starting position, repeat the exercise again (not making even a small break). The recommended number of repetitions is approximately 7-10 times. For beginners the best would be 5-7.