So, the first thing you should know – you should not train every day, otherwise the result will only be negative. Muscle fibers begin to grow in the recovery process (which takes at least a day and a half), so two workouts a week will be enough.
Before you begin to exercise, you should learn how to feel the chest muscles. Stand still and press a palm to his chest, slowly begin to take your arm forward as if pushing something away from yourself, try in this moment to strain your chest muscles. Repeat this exercise several times, feeling the pectoral muscles involved in the work. To feel better, put your other hand on the chest. The next step – the slow push-UPS from knees with full control of the muscles.
To properly do push-UPS and pump up the chest muscles, you should learn to control not only the muscles, but also to monitor the body which must be stretched in the string. This provision will help to simultaneously engage the muscles of the arms, abs and chest muscles. More effective push-UPS not one hundred and twenty times in a row, and making five approaches twenty-five technical and slow reps, dividing them into thirty second breaks.
In addition, you can enable work upper and lower muscle bundles, using supports under hands or feet, and to vary the width of the supply of palms. In the narrow formulation of the hands the work included the triceps, broad shoulders. The most effective form of push UPS is one in which the feet stand on high pedestal, and hands widely placed in the parties. This exercise will help you to stretch and pump the chest muscles.
Dips – an excellent exercise for the chest muscles. If you have no bars, you can perform the same load. Place the two chair backs to each other at a short distance. Put your hands in back and pick up feet, cross-legged, to the way you perform the exercise efficiently. Get down as low as possible, then on the exhale, lift up. Don't stay at the top, thus you reduce the effectiveness. Perform maximum reps in four approach with a break of one minute between exercises. So you will be able to achieve excellent results when building chest muscles.