Though the Internet is full of diverse and offers programs to improve shape, building muscle and other things, not every method may suit a particular person.
Do not trust the various proposals on the theme "great abs in three days". This is nothing more than a Scam. Any doctor will say that, firstly, these abrupt changes can happen, and secondly, even if something is possible in such a short time (for example, to lose a few pounds of your weight in two days), it will negatively affect the work of the whole organism, as the need to make changes gradually.
As for inflating of muscles, including the chest. Among fans there is an opinion that chest muscles can be pumped only in the gym, doing weights, and only at a certain angle.
In part, this statement is true. In the gym you can really pump up the muscles through a rod located at a certain angle. However, this is not the whole truth. Training can be completely done at home. We just need to fulfill some conditions.
All from childhood known kind of exercise, like a push-up. It perfectly strengthens the arms, back, beneficial effect on many muscle groups and is absolutely free, that is, to do it at home even without the help of any sports equipment.
That's it for push-UPS and you should pay attention. In addition, this exercise develops the muscles of the chest. But slowly. Accelerate the achievement of the effect can be achieved by slightly complicating the task. For this you need to push off with your hands from the floor and raise the torso enough to palm off the floor and make sort of a leap on my hands. Later you can add clapping, while the body is in the air.
You can also build some kind of obstacle height literally at ten centimeters. You can use the common boards laid on top of each other. The objective of this activity is that, being wrung out from a floor, throw the body up and get hands to move to the hill. Then this way to go back down to the floor. And repeat this exercise for as long as hands are not tired.
The easiest and cheapest way to inflate the chest muscles with push-UPS.