You will need
  • Two dumbbells.
To start, preheat your chest muscles and abdominals. Follow these eight rotations of the hands forward and the same back. Okay, hang on the exhale, bringing the brush as far as possible behind your back, and spread the hands as widely as possible on the inhale. Repeat 6 times. Do ten bends torso in each direction, then ten turns left and right.
Take the emphasis lying. Hands are placed wider than shoulders, hands facing forward. The back is straight. The head is in line with the torso. On the inhale bend your arms and lightly touch the breast sex. On the exhale, straighten your arms and push off them from the floor. If possible, twist the cotton with your hands in front of chest and return to I. p. the Number of repetitions is maximal. Rest three minutes and perform two more approach.
Lie on your back. Pick up a dumbbell. Raise them in front of him. Inhale spread your hands with dumbbells in hand. On the exhale pinch together. To avoid injury of the elbow keep your elbows slightly bent. Only 8-15 reps, 3-4 approach.
Lie on your back. Knees bend and feet secure, and having them under the seat or Cabinet. Hands behind his head. Elbows pointing to the sides. On the inhale lift off to touch Breasts and hips. On the exhale, return to I. p. Make the maximum number of repetitions.
Straighten your legs. Hands rest on the floor. Lift the straight leg up to 90 degree angle and slowly lower down on the exhale. Repeat at least fifteen times.
Lift your legs up, cross between them and push them toward the ceiling. The pelvis is thus distract from the floor. Perform each exercise at a fast pace until the burning feeling in the abdomen.
I. p. – lying on your back. Pull your arms up. Breath. On the exhale raise both arms and legs up, trying to touch the hands stop. Hold the position of "folds" one second and slowly return in and. Do ten repetitions in 2-3 sets.
Stretch in the pose of the Cobra: lie on stomach, hands bend, hands put on the chest level. On the inhale straighten your arms and raise your chest up. Feel the stretch of muscles in the abdomen.