Causes ingrowth depend on the method of hair removal. When using the epilator the hair every time becomes thinner and the result is weak hair so that it is difficult to break through the skin. Shaver, even if there are no visible cuts, skin microtrauma, which in the upper skin layers become denser and the hairs are also difficult to grow through them, so it continues to grow, but on the inside. All this causes a feeling of itching and provokes inflammatory processes, after which the skin may remain hyperpigmented spots.

For those who have time and money, the solution to the problem of excess hair, and their subsequent ingrowth can be laser or electrolysis, but there is a way out for those who choose the home option.

1. Method of hair removal

After shaving legs covered with inflamed pimples? You should go to wax. But if ingrowing hairs are caused by hair removal, you should start to use a razor. This will allow stancevska hair come back to normal and be able to grow through the skin, and the skin will get time for renewal and becoming again soft and elastic, passing through even thin hairs.

2. Regular exfoliation

Those who chose hair removal and those who remained faithful to the good old razor is required for the twelve hours before the procedure hair removal to do exfoliation with a special compound or regular scrub. Prohibited hair removal and waxing right after peeling because of the risk to injure the skin.

3. Washcloth

A week before hair removal it is recommended to start to actively use a rough washcloth in the place where it is necessary to remove the hair. It will also help to remove dead skin particles and make the skin thinner.

4. Skin steaming

Choosing a good hair removal will be helpful to steam the skin before the procedure.

5. Special tools

It is worth the tube labeled "after epiljatsii", their great number, that allows you to choose the option for your skin type.

6. Antiseptic

The unfortunate consequence of ingrown hairs — inflammation. It looks terribly unsightly and feel at times unbearable because of the itching. To prevent ordinary antiseptics (Miramistin or chlorhexidine) applied immediately after hair removal.