The sages and philosophers argue that the world around you is only a reflection of your inner state. By controlling the mind, you create a world using your imagination. Learn how to manage the mind, and you will be able to take control of their lives and become the absolute master of his fate.
Reason, logic are the result of past experience. When you were a child, you acted illogical and intuitive. But you know, that reality is always ready to present new surprises and discoveries, to realize that the old experience is not good. Turning off the mind, you will broaden your opportunities.
One of the methods off of logic and reason, enables man to make great discoveries, is fatigue of the mind. Many scientific discoveries and creative inspiration happened after many days of strenuous work of the brain, the result of which became disabling it during sleep. But this method requires a lot of mental, and physical strength.
Start to develop the skill of inner concentration on the contemplation of the objects of the external world. Highlight for this daily for 10-20 minutes in the morning when no one bothers you and not distracting. Well, if it's going to happen on the nature and the object on which you focus your attention, will be a flower, flowing water or a burning candle. Focus on the object, consider its texture, color, form, try to feel its smell. Gradually you will learn how to completely disable this extraneous thoughts and mind. Nothing can distract you from contemplation. After a few weeks you will be close to what will begin to control the mind, disabling it.
Master the practice of meditation, when you concentrate on your inner state and feel a part of the surrounding Space. During meditation, your mind shuts down and the brain and the soul is purified. This will allow you to recharge and return to normal life, to see events and objects with new eyes, to find new innovative solutions.