Creator, painting the picture of your life is you. That is, you define its quality. And only you can decide which way to go: by genius inventor, stereotypes, or simple happy man, living a quiet measured life. Rate your strength.
In tough times mankind always helped music, art. During the war people got together and sang and it helped them to stay human. Try it and you, too, to sing, to listen to your favorite music. It is desirable that it was good and uplifting, not heavy and destructive.
Regular good sleep – the key to mental health. You need to sleep as much as your body needs. Typically, a person for recuperation requires 6-8 hours. Brain activity during sleep is minimal, while performance is restored. It is important not only sleep, but also a stable daily regime as a whole.
For health, both physical and mental, harmful physical inactivity. By the way, she is often the cause of insomnia. If you spend your days sitting on the chair, lead a sedentary lifestyle, to anything good it will not. Even if you have a sedentary job during the work day to periodically get up and warm up, can just walk across the room.
Optimal physical load for an unprepared person is just walking. So, the day should be at least 3 kilometers. Even better if it will be nature walks. Useful basic exercises from complex General physical training: press, squats, push-UPS. When you feel ready for more, go to the pool, gym, tennis court or anywhere else for sports.
Many researchers believe that people go crazy from idleness. So do not neglect moderate physical labor. Develop a schedule for sleeping, walking and resting. But rest let there be no involuntary solitude with his thoughts, and the activities change.