Prolong sexual intercourse helps small pauses that can make a man. This does not mean that the pause time is necessary to stop all movement, to move away from the partner and try not to think about it. You can just begin to move slower or to resort to other sort of foreplay.
Oral sex is a great way to increase the duration of sexual intercourse. To help the partner to abstain from ejaculation, you should pay more attention to light caresses of his cock and the area around it, but not allow the lover to make frictions.
Change position is a great way to prolong sexual intercourse. Until this happens, the partners are distracted from the main process, so the excitement falls down. It is possible to hold out longer. You can also select a posture in which a man can stay longer than just for each individual of these poses are different.
Start sex is better with foreplay. It allows both partners to become aroused sufficiently, however, decreases mental stress created various life problems, so you might say, a prelude in some way allows you to relax. You know that tired emotionally men are much worse to control themselves during sex. Prelude allows you to partially cope with this issue.
The more partners you have sex, the better the quality, the slower the ejaculation. Men who have sex rarely, usually quickly coming, and women – on the contrary, much quicker orgasm if sexual relations are regular. So frequent sex brings them to each other. Also some couples it's easier to commit two sexual act in a row, as the second time the man can hold back and gives the partner pleasure.