Advice 1: How to increase penis

Many believe that a large manhood is the key to achieving success in the sexual sphere, what is the guarantee of enjoyment of the female partner. They are convinced that a large penis is the key to success for women, latest choose your partner in size. And forget that much more attractive for the fairer sex the confidence of a man in himself, his power and simultaneous tenderness to the chosen one. If the size of a sexual memberand affect men's self-esteem, it is possible to fix it.
How to increase penis
For lengthening and increasing penis use to the extender. There are lots of them currently, but the principle of operation they have one. All extenders provide long-term results and even helps to align the penis. Use the extender for 2-3 hours a day for several months. It exerts a tensile action on the cells of the penis. In response to prolonged exposure outside the body forms new cells at the point of application of the extender. Because the cell has a bulk structure, its growth is in length and in width. With regular usage and perseverance of the owner of the extender for the penis can increase the penis size by several centimetres. But the results achieved when proper use is forever.
Remember that Pharma industry currently produces all kinds of pills, biologically active additives (BAA), which when used you can achieve your goal without resorting to physical pressure on the penis. The effect of all of these substances leads to increased blood filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis, which ultimately stimulates its growth and increases the duration of erection, provides better control over ejaculation. Most affordable supplements mostly contain vitamins E and B3, hawthorn, extract of ginseng root, dodder seed, grass gorjanki extract, and the herb Ginkgo Biloba, fruit of Cayenne pepper and other stimulating adaptogenes and substance. The recommended time is BAD 4 months or more. Side effects caused only by the individual intolerance of the drug. Similar effects have different creams and gels for penis enlargement.
The ineffectiveness of these tools or if you want to get the maximum possible effect in a relatively short period of time resort to surgical solution. Surgery to increase male sexual organ is performed in hospital, usually under local anesthesia. The use of implants is not required. And the postoperative scar is not more than 3 cm.
In the course of the intervention are not affected vital organs, and the risk of serious complications is minimal. The result of the operation is possible to increase penis length to 4 inches. Thickening of the penis by surgery is achieved by transplantation of adipose tissue under the skin of the penis. It is usually introduced 200 ml of adipose tissue. The result is a uniform thickening of the penis.

Advice 2: How to increase male power

In the life of any man there may be periods of crisis, during which, the work did not catch on in personal life too. All problems solved, and restore male power at the earliest. Still, it is advisable to start treatment after visiting a doctor, it's not always the problem lies in the simple things.
How to increase male power
Most importantly - protect yourself from stress. Take a sedative, like motherwort drops or tablets as well as Valerian root. Restore normal restful sleep at least 7 hours a day. Sometimes the potency is reduced due to strong fatigue, which introduces all the vital processes in sleep mode, as if protecting him from even large loads.
Pay attention to your diet. Even with normal products, you can return masculine force. Eat as often as possible: pumpkin seeds, shrimp, fish, caviar, meat, eggs, pineapples and dairy products. If you eat a few hours before sex, 100 g of boiled shrimp, the potency will increase and you will not need to stimulate additional funds.
Take vitamins with a high content of zinc, it improves not only male strength, but also overall health. Can take any erection drugs, but be careful though they give the desired result, but at the same time bad for the heart. Less harmful are of the tincture of the antlers of red deer, can consume their courses, even if you're not worried - it will prolong the years of sexually active life.
Try to keep a regular sex life. With regular sex, the body produces more male sex hormones which stimulate the erection. Not be amiss and prostate massage, which is carried out through the anus.
If all else fails, contact the hospital. Reduced potency may indicate a hormonal failure. After giving blood for hormones, you will be assigned the appropriate treatment, usually hormonal products containing testosterone. The treatment effective and positive result appears very quickly. Sometimes the decline of male power occurs on the background of prostatitis or adenoma, if you time will take care of your health, your sexual activity will be maintained.

Advice 3: Until what age grow penis

Modern boys and girls interested in this vital issue, as the size of the penis. For guys size is proud. Young people adolescence worried and complex about the growth of his penis. They are afraid that their sizes are not satisfied with the girl and they will be ashamed of it.
Until what age grow penis

At what age ceases to grow penis?

The average growth of the male member continues around until reaching seventeen years of age. In seventeen years, the penis grows to its greatest size, and indicators of its length then over time very slowly and gradually diminish.
On reaching the age of eighteen the penis expands (i.e. its diameter increases), and the length is reduced by about half an inch.

Other sources report that the growth of the penis ends at the end of puberty, that is, to twenty or twenty-two years.

The beginning stage of puberty for each individual, for someone it starts early (approximately nine years), someone later – fifteen years, the average value of the beginning of sexual development varies from twelve to thirteen years.
The size of a member before puberty does not significantly change absolutely.

During the beginning of the ripening symptoms such as hair growth on facial areas, groin and armpits; just increasing the size of the penis in all directions: both in length and in width; the foreskin reaches its perfect development; the skin of the penis and scrotum ogrubevaet, and the testicles also slowly but surely increase in size. Fourteen boys began to form a masculine figure, this period ends only twenty-two years old. At sixteen the boys are troubled by wet dreams, a night ejaculation.

Puberty is the period prior to the stage of ability to reproduce.

Is it possible to affect the growth of the penis?

Sometimes guys don't remain unhappy that were awarded by nature. They are looking for different ways to increase a member. There are special extenders - the kind of rods that are hung up on a member and contribute to its elongation. Men quite often leave positive feedback about this simulator.

Through self-stretching you can also increase the penis. The growth of this male organ also affected by this hormone, such as testosterone. Smoking negatively affects on the size of the penis, also the abuse of Smoking in men impaired potency, almost regardless of how many cigarettes a day he smokes.

Advice 4: How to increase the size of the male penis

That's how the psychology of men that physical and sexual perfection, makes a strong half of humanity self-confident, and the size of the penis plays an important role in their lives. A rare man does not like to have thick and long penis. Little the size can bring to depression, breakdowns, insecurity and collapse in his personal life. Today there are many ways to increase the size of the penis.
How to increase the size of the male penis

Ways to enlarge male penis

In fact, American researchers found that more than two thirds of men dream of having their penis was larger than given from birth. Moreover, it was found that at least 30% of women were willing to sexual contact with men, whose body is visually more impressive. On a subconscious level a long and thick penis is associated in women and men with authority, passion, ability to satisfy the desire and to give pleasure to the partner.

Therefore, for many years men tried to increase the size of his sexual organ. To achieve the cherished goal use different means and devices, and with the development of cosmetic surgery, many men are not afraid for penis enlargement to go under the knife. Modern medicine invented a method consisting of exercises that help to increase penis by 3 cm in length and 1.5 cm in thickness. This once again confirms the seriousness of the problem and its relevance in the world of men. By the way, the race for the increase in the size of the penis often ends in tears, so to approach this problem correctly, because despite the fact that the majority of used men means harmless, can still cause harm.

Tablets, pills and dietary Supplements to increase penis

The sex industry is replete with many advertised vehicles, designed to help men with a small penis. However, it is unlikely that their use can ensure a positive outcome. In fact, to really boost the male organ, used a so-called technique of stretching and growth of tissues. Pills can not give the effect of stretching, so in the case increase in "masculine virtues" recognized by the doctors are absolutely useless, and in some cases harmful. It is also important that quick results (2 weeks) will not give any means.

Penis enlargement creams and ointments

Ointments, lubricants and creams are the most popular and easily accessible means for adjusting the size of the penis. They are available in sex shops and can be used at home. According to the principle of cream are divided into three types:

Short - term penis enlargement. The means are calculated at the time of sex. The action of the cream starts immediately after application to the body of the penis. It becomes thicker and larger for several hours that allows the man to feel more confident in bed with your partner.

Long - term penis enlargement. This tool is used for several months and quick results should not count. Penile enlargement is due to the constant blood flow to the cavernous body, nutrition and restoration of the tissues of the body.

- The secondary action. These ointments are used in conjunction with other means, such as a vacuum extender. They help to achieve the desired result faster, but will be useless when used as a standalone tool.

Extender for penis enlargement

The extender is an effective device for penis enlargement. Despite the simplicity in use, the extender helps to increase the penis, however, to use it should be within a few months two or three times a day. The design of the device allows you to stretch the penis tissue, to stimulate their growth and formation of new cells. The result will remain forever. The popularity of the extender not only to guarantee the result, but also that the increase of the penis occurs not only in length but also in width.

Increase penis with pump

Pump – the most modern device for adjusting the size of the penis. Due to hydraulic power device lengthens and widens the penis, provokes powerful rush of blood to the tissues. Through regular use, the cavernous bodies become wider and absorb more blood. The device is guaranteed to be effective, the member may be increased to 2-3 cm Pumps not only easy to use, do not cause pain, but help to cope with erectile dysfunction, which makes them more popular in comparison with extenders.

Surgical penile enlargement

Phalloplasty is carried out in special clinics under local anesthesia and can be directed to increase the penis length, and its thickening. The advantages of this method are obvious – the member will be increased once and for all. Surgical intervention can extend penis up to 4 cm, But on the body of the penis will have a scar, which in most cases is hard to miss.

The operation for lengthening the penis is to cut back the supporting muscles of the body located at its base and moving it a little lower. How centimeters "moved" supporting muscle, and depends on the result of the elongation. That operation was postponed, would indicate not only scar, but also more horizontal position of the body in the erect condition. Surgery to increase penile anemic and lasts no more than 40 minutes.

Phalloplastyaimed at the thickening of a member, is to remove the fatty tissue from the buttocks and hips of men and insert it under the skin of the penis. The amount of adipose tissue, transplanted into the body of the penis, can reach up to 200 ml, it all depends on the desired result and professionalism of the surgeon. Fat is distributed over the width of the penis for several days, during which the authority imposed a special bandage. Unlike surgery for penis enlargement, which is performed once and the result remains for a lifetime, volume phalloplasty does not give long-term guarantees, and in some cases lasts only 1 or 2 years.

Penis enlargement is real. So do not despair due to the small size of the "manhood", it is better to carefully review the methods to increase it and to persevere to the goal!

Advice 5: How to increase sex organs

Some men the question of increasing the penis is considered a very serious and important. Because they want to look in the eyes ladies a real macho man, capable of impressive victories and exploits.
How to increase sex organs

Does size matter?

Male after sex want to hear in the address of the highest praise. And many women Express their admiration for the partner after lovemaking. These compliments have nothing to do with size of "manhood".

American scientists conducted a study among the seed pairs, which revealed that 85% of women satisfied with the size of the penis of their partner. But men who believe that they have a normal penis size, only 55%.

The results of this experiment provide information that women whose partner has a penis size smaller than average, never acquired a variety of intimate products. They were satisfied with the sexual abilities of men.

Women very rarely think about what the size of the penis of their partner. They just get pleasure from lovemaking. The most important thing for men is how he controls his sexual organ.

Ways to increase penis

One of the most popular methods of penis enlargement exercises. But before you start exercising, a man should ponder whether it is really necessary. If you still decided to use this method, it is important to remember that to do this you need to regularly, preferably several times during the day.

Exercises to increase penis quite a lot. For example, you need to lubricate the penis to achieve full erection, and then to clasp it at the base. The other hand to hold under the head and gently stretch for five minutes. No need to hold – in time classes you should not experience discomfort.

After the exercise the sexual organ should be washed, and you can also make a bath with herbs such as sage. It improves blood circulation that promotes the growth of tissues.

3-4 cm penis may be increased by surgical intervention. Also surgery gives you the opportunity to make it thicker. But this procedure is quite expensive. Fabric cut on the pubis, and part of the body goes out. In the future, the man has the scar, and the process of rehabilitation is quite difficult and long.

Now advertise a lot of pills and creams which claim can enlarge a penis. But most often it is a hoax, and everything else such tools are very expensive. So if you still want your penis has become bigger, better resort to exercises, the main thing – to believe in the result.
Is the advice useful?