For lengthening and increasing penis use to the extender. There are lots of them currently, but the principle of operation they have one. All extenders provide long-term results and even helps to align the penis. Use the extender for 2-3 hours a day for several months. It exerts a tensile action on the cells of the penis. In response to prolonged exposure outside the body forms new cells at the point of application of the extender. Because the cell has a bulk structure, its growth is in length and in width. With regular usage and perseverance of the owner of the extender for the penis can increase the penis size by several centimetres. But the results achieved when proper use is forever.
Remember that Pharma industry currently produces all kinds of pills, biologically active additives (BAA), which when used you can achieve your goal without resorting to physical pressure on the penis. The effect of all of these substances leads to increased blood filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis, which ultimately stimulates its growth and increases the duration of erection, provides better control over ejaculation. Most affordable supplements mostly contain vitamins E and B3, hawthorn, extract of ginseng root, dodder seed, grass gorjanki extract, and the herb Ginkgo Biloba, fruit of Cayenne pepper and other stimulating adaptogenes and substance. The recommended time is BAD 4 months or more. Side effects caused only by the individual intolerance of the drug. Similar effects have different creams and gels for penis enlargement.
The ineffectiveness of these tools or if you want to get the maximum possible effect in a relatively short period of time resort to surgical solution. Surgery to increase male sexual organ is performed in hospital, usually under local anesthesia. The use of implants is not required. And the postoperative scar is not more than 3 cm.
In the course of the intervention are not affected vital organs, and the risk of serious complications is minimal. The result of the operation is possible to increase penis length to 4 inches. Thickening of the penis by surgery is achieved by transplantation of adipose tissue under the skin of the penis. It is usually introduced 200 ml of adipose tissue. The result is a uniform thickening of the penis.