Boredom, narrow-mindedness, jealousy and suspicion easily repel the man-Sagittarius, it will most likely not pay attention "unformatted", prone to experiments girl who is sense of humor and sociability. Sagittarius appreciates intelligence, it is very important to the ability of girls to formulate ideas, to maintain conversations on difficult topics. The intelligence and education in the eyes of Sagittarius mean much more than domesticity or sexuality.
Sagittarius is looking for in an ideal girlfriend with the same interests. It is very important to companion share his beliefs, was fond of the same things that he found a common language with his friends. The girl, constantly seeking in life something new, receive any knowledge, Sagittarius is much more interesting than a woman who wants to create strong family.
Male-Archer most of my life is in a kind of never-ending spiritual quest, so it attracts a more adult and wise women who could become for him a kind of spiritual authority, or very young, for whom he may act in this capacity. Sagittarius is very important to feel a student or teacher, depending on the environment.
To attract Sagittarius are the easiest with their uniqueness. It is susceptible to everything new, strange and unusual. That is why Sagittarians are often marry foreign women. For this zodiac sign is a very important time of the study, the relationship with Sagittarius usually end if they think what they learned about their partner.
Emotions of Sagittarius are honesty and unusual breadth, is not peculiar to him flirting, possessiveness, dependence on the opinions of others. Despite the fact that Sagittarians see the world clearly, adequately assessing the events and keeping pace with the times, they get great pleasure from breaking a gallant and romantic adventure. That is why Sagittarians rarely like the calm, balanced nature, who believe romance is unnecessary overkill.
The archers well in family life, they are ready to spend a lot of time with children, playing with them and telling interesting stories and tales. However, the monotony of family life can make Sagittarius look for something new on the side, and it's not just about lovers but also about extreme Hobbies that may be life-threatening. We can say that one of the most important things in life with this sign of the zodiac — do not give him bored.