Advice 1: As a way to identify the owner

Sometimes, drivers and pedestrians ask yourself the question of how the number of the machine to identify the owner. If the person fled the scene of an accident or just broke the rules, the situation can be saved, if the time to report it to law enforcement.
Sometimes you just need to know the owner by car number
Please contact the traffic police to the car number to find the owner and to obtain other necessary information. You will be given a special form which must be completed and handed to the officers. You must have a good reason to receive such confidential information, otherwise your appeal will be ignored. The main reason to get the right information is, of course, an accident. This can be attributed to various administrative and criminal offences committed by the driver.
Try to find out the owner based on the number of machines via the Internet. There are many special resources either for free or for money to obtain the necessary information. Refer only to credible sources, as many sites are fraudulent and you will only lose time and money. Popular and absolutely free resource is, which contains a database of car numbers in different regions.
Look at the number on the car owner through any of the Internet search engines. Perhaps this driver has violated traffic rules, and the number is on one of the sites. Also, it can "appear" in one of the electronic databases or social networks.
Ask for help to your friends and acquaintances. Maybe someone of them is known to the offender or just the person who owns the car. If the city is small, your chances of success will increase significantly. Also if you noticed this car in any areas – in Parking lots, stores or office buildings, please contact with the staff working there. Staff can help you find out the owner.

Advice 2: How to find the owner

Usually this question arises when you want to find owner of car by registration number. The search is performed on the database of the traffic police, into force of certain circumstances.
How to find the owner
You will need
  • - access to databases.
According to the statistics of the most frequent queries to databases of traffic police are connected with the search of car owners. Search is much easier if you know state license plates.
During the search, one can obtain exhaustive information about a specific owner, but also a registration card for the car. It contains full details of the person in whose name the vehicle is registered.
If the owner is a legal person, the window contains information about the name of the company, actual address, INN, OGRN, OKPO and phone. If the physical - that indicates his surname, name and patronymic, passport data, registration address and phone number.
Some systems based on the database of the traffic police, carried out search of the owner not only full room Gosznak, but also in his fragment, creating a list of possible matches to further filter vehicle from the list of results.
There are intelligent search engines in which to start the search for even not filled the field "State registration number". In this case, a sample from the database is the number of the region, models and color machines, it is possible to enter a description of the appearance of the owner.
Search owner by car number can only be done in the databases of traffic police, similar systems of other agencies shall search the person sought only according to the personal data (surname, name and patronymic).
On the black market can easily be purchased on the media database of the traffic police, but it is better to use online access. Information placed on the net, constantly actualizarea that will help avoid possible complications, in case of receiving distorted information on wanted owner of the vehicle.
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