You will need
  • - ordinary or mineral water, herbal tea, birch juice;
  • - watermelon;
  • - low-fat food rich in fiber.
The insidiousness of cannabinoids is that of the body they are excreted very slowly. They are fat-soluble compounds and is able to gain a foothold in the cellular membranes. Cannabinoids entering the body through the use of low-quality drugs are able to remain in it for six months.
Hit the cannabinoids sports. These substances are excreted with sweat and urine, and if you lead an active lifestyle will accelerate this process. The most simple means, not requiring any talent or availability of sports equipment – running. Otherwise, you can use any sport – football, classes at the gym, Biking or rollerblading.
Drink as much liquid as possible. From alcohol, coffee or strong tea, as well as synthetic carbonated drinks should be abandoned. It is best to drink regular water or mineral water in unlimited quantities. In the spring you can drink birch SAP in summer to eat watermelon. This will help your body to quickly say goodbye received in his drug.
Bath and sauna promotes perspiration and thus excretion of cannabinoids. During your stay in the steam room should also drink plenty of fluids – water or herbal tea, but in any case, not alcohol.
It is desirable some time to stick to a diet that stimulates the excretory systems. Choose meals that contain a lot of fiber and low in fat. Acceptable are lean meats, white fish, pasta, cereal, rice, wholemeal bread, fresh vegetables and vegetable soups, nuts and legumes.
In some cases, for example, in case of overdose requires immediate removal of cannabinoids from the body. This procedure is performed in the hospital under the supervision of a doctor. To do this, use drugs, plasmapheresis, IV.