However, sometimes our internal mechanisms fail, and there is an accumulation of toxins, is fraught with a poisoning of the body and as a result, a variety of diseases. So from time to time is to help your body get rid of accumulated toxins. Today we'll show you how to do it right.

You are what you eat

To restore a good metabolism in a natural way, you must first review your diet. The daily menu should include vegetables and fruits, moreover, most of them raw.

Do not do without the carbohydrates. Better if it's natural honey and pasta from durum wheat. But with the sweets, buns, cakes and fatty junk food it is better to remove or at least reduce their use to a minimum.

Protein foods - meat and fish excluded from the diet is not followed, you only need to choose low fat options.Chicken and Turkey, cod, and haddock will not bring litter the body with toxins.

Not only quality but also quantity

Another obligatory condition to overcome the slagging of the organism control over the amount of food intake. Huge portions of food no stomach to efficiently digest unable, therefore, to eat to satiety very harmful.

However, many habits are not easy to get rid of. To help cope with it regular water. Clean, still water will fill the excess volume, causing a feeling of fullness, and rinse the urogenital system. A healthy person need to drink at least two liters of water a day.

Porridge to help

Oatmeal - easily digestible and wholesome cereal, necessary for the excretion of toxins. Fiber, which contains oat flakes, clears intestines, "capturing" and bringing out all the junk.

These same qualities have rice, especially brown. It more efficiently absorbs toxins and removes them from the body. Detoxification using rice held during the week. At this time, brown rice should boil until tender (three tablespoons at a time) and eat for four hours before eating. Before you eat the rice, you need to drink one glass of warm boiled water.


Watermelon is the best friend of anyone wanting to cleanse the liver and at the same time to lose some weight. However, detoxification is only suitable ripe, ripe watermelons alone, to avoid chemical stimulation. Therefore it is better to wait for the season, and its middle, as at the beginning of the danger to by immature and chemicals the fetus is very large.

If you eat watermelon with black bread, it will help to cleanse the bowel and at the same time enriching the body with useful substances contained in rye flour.

Bath and sauna

Toxins perfectly eliminated from the body through the skin. And, provided that the skin is steamed and the pores opened, all the dirt just flies out. Therefore, one of the best means of detoxification of the body is a bath. And what be bath - or Russian sauna, wet or dry - it doesn't matter. Most importantly is a prolonged exposure to high temperature, which reveals the pores of the skin and profuse sweating occurs.

With that then go and waste products. Regular visits to the sauna almost guarantees that your body will be clean, inside and out. In mild cases slagging can help a single visit to the baths, but in very advanced cases the sessions must be repeated. However, to do so more frequently than once a week, is still not recommended.