Watch the doctor-endocrinologist. This specialist in diseases of the glands of internal secretion will appoint an additional examination and correctly assess the whole situation. You may have to change the drug to a more gentle or even abandon it.
Hormone treatment if there is a need for this, stop gradually. Otherwise there is a risk to the strong hormonal failure, and the condition will worsen than it was before treatment.
Purify your body. Hormones not tend to accumulate. When ingested, they break down into different chemical compounds that can be derived. To do this, experts advise to carry out the purification of the body. There are drugs for such purposes, they take courses, there are entire regimens. On the appointment and use of such drugs need to consult with your doctor.
Keep an active lifestyle. It helps to not only get rid of hormones, but excess weight is often a result of hormonal treatment or oral contraceptives.
Eat right. As corny as it may sound, but to bring something out of the body, requires that it as less as possible were unnecessary and not useful. The latter, in turn, slows down the withdrawal of substances. Pay attention to natural products, eat more raw vegetables, fruits, berries. Hormones tend to disrupt the metabolism. But this condition is reversible, if you try to eat balanced.
Drink more water. It also helps the withdrawal of hormones. Try to drink regular clean water, and not juice, coffee and tea.
Note non-standard medicine – homeopathy treatment with leeches. The biggest difficulty here is finding a competent expert. But the result in most cases is very effective. And I must admit that these are some of the most safe for health.