In order for the boomerang returned, it must be started correctly. To make it easy, the difficulty lies in developing special shooting technique that allows the boomerangto return.
Normal boomerang has the shape of a wing, ie it has only two wings, bent on hyperbole. One of the blades is curved stronger than the other and in General, this boomerang resembles a combined angle of airplane wings. For such a boomerangand firmly hold the end of the boomerangand the palm of the hand, the upper wing should look up.
Then slightly tilt the boomerang to the right, the angle between the projectile and the horizon was 65-70 degrees.
Take the hand with a boomerangOhm head and energetic movement throw him. Don't forget to twist it with a flick of the brush. If done correctly, the boomerang will return to you, describing an arc of about 50 meters in diameter.
If your boomerang is shaped like a triangle, a throw must take him for one of the corners so that your index finger was on the face of the angle, and the boomerang was deployed with the printed side facing you. He shot not different from the usual throw a boomerang.