You will need
  • A detailed plan of the house, the ability to navigate in the prices of building materials, relevant computer programs.
The first thing to draw detailed plans of your home. Start with a Foundation, then walls, roof. You must know what size will be your home. How many floors, the length and height of walls, depth of basement, etc. Only after making a detailed plan, proceed to the next action.
Determine what materials will the house. The options are diverse: timber, timber, brick, aerated concrete blocks, etc. Decide what materials will be used during the installation of the roof. Consider the same communication system fitted on your house (water, Sewerage, gas, Central heating, electricity).Further, based on the estimated thickness, the length, the height of the walls, ceilings and floors, you can calculate how much material will be required during the construction of the house. Today you can find on the Internet a special program to calculate the amount of materials that will facilitate your task.
The next step will be figuring out the cost of necessary construction materials. Companies that sell building materials now abound. Therefore, the price range can be quite large. Knowing the number of materials and average price, an estimate becomes a matter of technique. This can be done using an ordinary calculator.