Getting to the calculations, remember that the average person consumes about 200 liters of water per day. Thus, for a family of three or four people should be about 0,6-0,8 cubic meters, taking into account possible additional water demand for household and technical needs will take maximum flow equal to 1 cubic meter.
Perform measurements of construction elements well. If the well is planned to make concrete rings, based on the fact that the standard ring height is of 0.9 m and a diameter of 0.7-2 m. To calculate the volume occupied by one ring, measure the diameter, divide in half and multiply by the number PI, approximately equal to 3.14. Thus, the well represents the capacity of the three rings with a diameter of 1 m filled with water for about three days.
To calculate the volume of the well, folded in a rectangular or square frame, determine the cross-sectional area of the structure. With a conventional measuring tape, measure internal parameters of the framework, that is, the length and width of the walls. Multiply both figures by moving them to meters and you get the usable area of the well. To determine the total construction area, multiply the height of the frame.
To calculate the displacement of the structure, it is necessary to pre-measure the water level in the well. Use this cord with a weight attached to its end. Slowly lower the load on the cord in the shaft of the welluntil it reaches bottom.
Now raise the load, and the length of the wet cord, determine the height of the layer of water in the well. Multiply the height of the aquifer the cross-sectional area of the mine well, and you will receive the working volume of the well.
If you plan to use to supply water from the well, submersible pump, keep in mind that it should be located at a distance of not less than a meter from the bottom of the structure. Therefore, the magnitude of displacement of the well depends on the type of pump that you can use without the risk of damage of a technical device for the injection of water.