Female Twins, according to astrologers, the most suitable for family relations, the representatives of the signs of Aquarius, Aries, Scorpio, Taurus.
Aquarius will bring complete harmony in Union with the Twins, confidence, Scorpio will give the thrill to aggravate relations with the Twins to the limit, give my wife a sense of her desire. Stubborn Taurus will be romantic to follow the female Twins everywhere will remain faithful to her for many years, will give a sense of security and the inviolability of their marriage.
It would seem the jealous Aries hard to get along with the Twins. And it really will limit the freedom of a woman, but in return will give the strength of your shoulder, eliminate the boredom and monotony of family life.
The twins-men, say the astrologers, come women born under the signs Capricorn, Libra and Leo. With the latest man-Gemini initially will be to feel like a Mama's boy. And this role will both like. To demonstrate your leadership, organizational skills man-Gemini with Leo will start much later. Then the roles change, than both will be satisfied. In an intimate relationship the couple will be happy for life.
With Libra men Twin skies promise a strong Union based on understanding, trust, loyalty. In Alliance with the Capricorn a lot will depend on women as the mistress of the ladies of this zodiac sign usually wakes up late, and it may not make a man. But if a woman Capricorn will show concern, love, understanding to her husband-the Twins, the Union promises to be very successful.
Male Twin and a female Twin can create between a couple quite successful, although not devoid of in the process of formation of complications. Disadvantage in such a relationship that the Twins do not like to yield to each other. Plus they could easily become a reflection of each other, followers of the ideas and traditions that occur in their unusual Union.
Gemini – people mood I'm keen on many ideas simultaneously, with difficulty concentrating on one thing. Have a great temperament, quick wit, daring, and often good looking. They are very human, talented in many ways, ingenious. But if the marital relationship a lot of them will not suit, for example, they will not be enough care from life partner, love, attention, they can easily leave him to seek another partner.