According to astrologers, the representatives of the sign Aquarius are often eccentric. They are characterized by a strong mind, persistence, ingenuity, pursuit of originality and self-expression, at the same time, external softness and pliability. They love to socialize and be around people. Typically, Aquarians are never offensive and balanced, so beside them you can feel relatively calm.
For Aquarius characteristic internal conflict. On the one hand, a man seeks stability, on the other, its desire for diversity pushes him to search for new interesting people to explore, including sexual partners. For this reason, he postpones marriage to last, but if I chose a wife, it is a long time or forever. However, this does not necessarily speaks about mad love, because Aquarians tend to marry for money, i.e., when the partner suits him according to different parameters. Also this does not mean that a man will be faithful. If something is not satisfied in an intimate relationship, he can go in search of his mistress, while his sexual temperament is not high. However, he will remain humanly loyal wife, because become attached to people and do not like to change the circle of communication.
Externally, Aquarius can sometimes appear reserved and indifferent, but this is not necessarily so, just that he does not like to show their emotions. This is often pretty kind and modest people, ready to help and not seeking to establish their superiority in the society and family. They are often sincere and straightforward, that people can use them. But this does not prevent the Aquarians succeed. Despite its apparent flexibility and softness, such men tend to do things my way, not paying attention to someone else's opinion.
With high probability, the Aquarius woman will be attracted to the beautiful (and bizarre) dressed and mysterious, outside the box thinking and is able to talk on philosophical topics. He likes it when the girl is behaving mysteriously and her need to unravel, because the representatives of this sign are natural explorers. Out better to go to some interesting event, new for men Aquarius place.
If you decided to connect his life with a male Aquarius have to understand immediately that to convert it into something you will fail. So first consider carefully whether you are ready to love and accept him the way he is, to be his best friend and support in his endeavors. For his part, he will always be ready to give you advice or help in a difficult situation.