You will need
  • Computer;
  • program NBU Parser.
Very good decision to open a backup file is a program NBU Parser. This app can be easily found on the Internet, is completely free. Download it. If the program is in the archive, then remove it. To install NBU Parser is not necessary, there is only one file. Just hit it twice with the left mouse button and the application will start.
In the main program menu select "File" and click on it with the left mouse button. Then specify the path to an nbf file. Select it using the left mouse button, then the bottom of the window, click on the Open command.
In the main menu there are six sections. Once you pointed the way to a nbf file, you can start to browse information sections. The first section is called "Contacts". There is contact information (phone numbers, names, addresses, e-mail) with SIM card and phone memory. The second section is called "Calendar" (information on the meetings noted dates and events). The third section is "Favorites", the fourth section - "Messages", which are text and MMS messages. In the next section, saved notes, which was sent for backup. The last section called "Files". It saved all the files, namely, music, photos, movies, videos, documents etc.
If necessary, contacts, messages, notes and calendar data can be saved in plain text format. In order to do this, navigate to, from which data you need to save. After that, the bottom of the window click on the function "Write text file". A window will appear. Select the folder to save. Then in the "file Name" enter the name of the document and click "Save". Data will be saved in your chosen folder.
Also in each section there is a search. If, for example, search for a specific contact, go to him. Then in the "Search contacts", enter the desired name. In the same way we need to act to search for specific files in other sections of the program.