You will need
  • - Microsoft Word
Click the Microsoft Office button to call up the main menu and go to "Word Options" to perform the operation select the default encoding when opening a new file.
Select "Advanced" and use the checkbox on the "Confirm file format conversion at open" in the "General" tab. (Uncheck the box for "Confirm file format conversion at open" to prohibiting the display of the dialog box "file Conversion" if you often use formats other than the Word format.)
Close to be decoding the file and re-open it.
Select "Encoded text" in the dialog "Convert file" and use the option "Other" that allows you to select the desired encoding standard from the dropdown list.
Return to the main menu of Microsoft Office and click "Save as" to perform the operation of selecting the encoding standard when you save a document.
Specify the name of the document in the "file Name" and run the mouse click on the line "plain text" in the field "file Type".
Click "Save" to execute the command and wait for the dialog "Microsoft Office Word compatibility check".
Click "Continue" and enter the string "Windows (default) in the new dialog box "Convert file" to save document in Unicode format.
Select "MS-DOS" to use the encoding for MS-DOS or use "Other" for self-definition in the required format.