You will need
  • - ReadManiac;
  • - TequilaCat.
To start, try just to copy the. txt document in the phone memory or on a flash drive of the mobile device. To do this, connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable.
After downloading the required files, disconnect the cord from the phone, and go to the contents of memory. Try to open a text document. Some budget models of cell phones do not accept. txtfiles, because I can not read such documents.
If you are faced with this situation, create an archive rar or zip format. Create a text document and move the file to the phone memory. To start a. txt document their files, use the application ReadManiac. Find the program in jar format. Copy it to the phone memory.
Run ReadManiac and go to menu "File". Select the desired txt document. Repeatedly press the "Yes" button to allow access to the specified file.
There are also programs that will convert txt to jar. They are very convenient because you do not need to be on the phone for more utility. Install TequilaCat. Run it and click the "Browse" button located in the "Books".
Select the. txt documents. Configure the settings for text display on the screen of the phone. To do this, select the color, font, and specify line spacing. Enter the desired name for the jar file.
Click the "Create book" and wait for the running process. Now just copy the jar file format to the phone memory or on a flash drive. Move those files to the folder "Applications" or "Games" on your mobile device.
Run the correct jar file to view the information. The main advantage of this program is that you will be able to access the necessary documents on almost any mobile phone.