You will need
  • Ice, heating pad, decongestant ointments and medicines, medicinal comfrey, clay, celery, lemon, honey, garlic.
If the knee is swollen after traumapony business provide limb immobility, keep it slightly elevated and apply to swollen knee ice. It is better that he is not in contact with the skin, so best would be to put it in a bag or wrapped in a towel. If the ice nearby is not found, it is possible to do lotions of cold water soaked tissue. Such cool compresses do in the first hours after injury, but not longer than 3 days.
Be sure to consult your doctor to determine the seriousness of the damage and prescribed appropriate treatment. Sometimes to relieve pain and swelling prescribe aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen. In severe cases may require surgical intervention or aspiration of fluid from kolokolenka region and the introduction of antibiotics.
If it's not so bad, at 3-6 day start to attach to the knee swollen and warm compresses and heating pads, to do gentle massage and hot baths. Well help with the swelling ointments such as "Caffeine" and the like.
You can resort to folk remedies of struggle with edema. Some of them are quite effective. Take a few sprigs of medicinal comfrey and boil in 1 liter of water. When it is reduced by half, strain, cool and apply to the diseased knee compresses this decoction. With light swelling good clay lotions.
If your knees swell for no apparent the reason this is the case, do not delay treatment to the doctor. This symptom may indicate metabolic disorders and other serious problems. Pass the diagnostics, get expert advice and strictly follow them.
Clean the joints and blood vessels to withstand the swelling of the knee. Scroll through a meat grinder ½ celery root, 1 lemon and head of garlic. Mix with 2 tablespoons of honey and in the morning, eat 1 teaspoon before meals. This tool displays the body of excess salt, edema will go away.