Women daily wear your feet high heels and uncomfortable boats. This all affects the knees. Varicose, bruises, injuries and just pain. How do you avoid these consequences and to do the lap pretty?

The main rule

For beautiful legs and knees need proper blood circulation and good skin condition. This requires proper shoes, suitable size, made of natural and soft materials. Studs and heels is, of course, very beautiful shoes, giving the figure of femininity and harmony. But a healthy girl always looks better, regardless, wearing heels or not.


An integral part in creating beautiful knees. It's one of the areas where the hated cellulite and spoils the whole image. Excess salt, fats, cholesterol and many other harmful substances, promotes fat deposition. Daily diet should mainly consist of fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, lean meat, dairy products and fish. Also do not forget about additional vitamins that may be purchased in pharmacies after consultation with a specialist.


After a long day of work is not superfluous to stretch their legs and do a couple of exercises that will instantly give new strength and energy. What basic exercises will help to disperse the lymph and improve circulation of blood, and at the same time tighten the skin. The usual squats, leg swings, lunges, it will only take 5-10 minutes. Even during the work day have the opportunity to stretch their legs, for example, to rotate the knees.

Additional funds

A valuable tool in the battle for the beauty of the legs are home remedies. Herbal infusions, masks and homemade fruit juices. For example, lemon juice can lighten the dark areas and tighten loose skin. Homemade clay body mask helps to get rid of cellulite and irregularities, it has already earned the trust of many girls.

Among the purchase funds, there are many effective products that you just pick the one that fits you best. Usually the main task of these "drugs" intense hydration.

Such simple manipulation will help to bring the knees in order to keep feet in perfect condition.