Advice 1: How do you set the date on the camera

Putting the date on your camera, you will be able to save images, which will be a day, month, year, and sometimes even the time of the snapshot. This feature of the camera allow you without much effort and additional signatures to recover the exact date made frame.
How do you set the date on the camera
You will need
  • - camera.
To set the date, grab your camera, turn it on and select the date display format using the appropriate buttons in the form of small triangles, looking up and down. These buttons located directly on the camera housing. Unfortunately, not all cameras equipped with a function of laying date on the pictures, so you have to set the date on the device itself, and then paste it into the.
Once you select the date format, click the button with the sign of the black roundels. This button is a confirmation and consolidation of the previous selection. Next, select using the triangle buttons, looking left and right, each item and set the numeric values using the button "triangle" looking up and down. Once you finally put up the date, click on the black kruglyashek, confirming its installation.
Then select the word "Yes" using the button "triangle" looking to the right, and click again kruglyashek. At this stage, the display of the date ends. Exhibited time after midnight is displayed as 12:00 AM and after 12:00 noon RM.
If you are viewing images on the computer using software "ACDSee for Pentax" and the date is not displayed on the screen, before you start this program, select the menu "View" item "Signature". Once you do, you will see the wizard for application settings. In this window, select the header or footer and make the necessary adjustments, outputting information on date of shooting to the display.
Be careful downloading the required program, as now in the Internet there are scams that in addition to fraud can reward your system with dangerous viruses.
Useful advice
To insert the date on the picture using the "Picture Motion Browser".

Advice 2: How to set date and time on the computer

The usual clock in the corner of the monitor never wrong, if thetime to update the applet parameters. To do this it is rarely necessary, so you can forget the procedure. In this case, apply the General rule: start from the "start" button and search for "date and time".
How to set date and time on the computer
When installed on a computer, Windows operating system displays a date and time. Manual setting of time and date is required only when malfunctions.
On the toolbar in the lower right corner of the screen find the watch and double click the left mouse button will open the window "Properties. The date and time". On the tab "date and time" you will see the left calendar and right clock. In Windows calendar, select the day, month and year. In the window with the clock set time. In the lower right corner of the window, click ok.
If a computer outage hours due to time zone changes, the correct time on your computer will remain only until the Internet connection. When the network made the change that you "corrected" in accordance with the change in time zones. To prevent this from happening, go to the tab "Time zone" and find the directory of your region. Now you have updated the time zone value. Uncheck "Automatic switching to summer time and back", the transfer time is canceled. At the bottom of the window, click ok.
Go to the tab "Internet Time". Select the check box "synchronize with a time server on the Internet". Click next to the command "Update now", wait for the operation to complete and click ok.
If your computer uses Linux to set the time and date by double clicking with the right mouse button on the applet, "Clock", call up the settings window. Set the correct time and date. Click "Set system time" and use of the proposed utility.
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