You will need
  • Operating system: Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows XP
  • For other OS – type program ShowExif or XnView
  • Photoshop or equivalent image editors
To start with the operating system installed on your computer. In Russia at the moment the most popular OS remains Windows in various versions. Therefore, it mainly will be about it.
Date photos along with other data, shooting conditions, camera model, settings) is part of the information or so-called metadata snapshot. In such OS as Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP to change the data in several ways. 1. Open folder with photos. In the opened window select the desired photo with the left mouse button. The lower section of the window, find the data panel (the details pane). It contains common metadata that can be changed by clicking the appropriate item with the mouse (in our case – the date of shooting). Except for the date here are the information about the camera, resolution and image size, etc.
After making changes, click the Save button on the right panel. If you want to undo the changes, click Cancel.
If you have not found the property that I wanted to change, you must expand the panel by pulling it with the mouse over the top edge. 2. Open properties for the desired file by clicking on it right mouse button and selecting Properties. Select the tab Details). It contains extended information about the shooting, which also can be corrected by clicking in the appropriate place with the mouse. To save changes, click Save.
Please note that some properties cannot be changed in this way. This applies in particular to the creation date of the file (not to be confused with the date of shooting) which can only be removed. 3. If you want to remove one or more properties of the file, open properties, click the Details tab. At the bottom click "Remove properties and personal information". In the opened window, select the checkbox properties that you want to delete. You can make a copy of photosthat will be missing some data.
To change the date of pictures on other operating systems (in Windows, but not one photograph, but an array), use one of these programs - ShowExif or XnView.
Both programs used to view and change data of digital photos and are free.
To change the date of creating photos, you need to open it using a photo editor such as Photoshop or Paint. Save the photo again under a different name, and created date will change to the currentdate of save). If you want to change data look normal, edit the information in the following sequence:
1. Using your graphic editor, save the photo under a new name, this will change creation date of photo (date modified is the same as creation date).
2. Change the date of the shooting to meet with the nearest second date of creation photo. The creation date cannot be earlier than the date of recording.