Install ACDSee Pro 2. Then open the picture through this software. Click "File/Save as...". After that, uncheck the checkbox next to "Save metadata" and, if necessary, set the desired compression settings photos. Specify the file name and click Save. Thus, from the file date of the image will be erased.
Use the program Photoshop. Open the photo, zoom in with the date, and select the Clone Stamp Tool (17). Then click the mouse on a blank area of the photo near the date, hold down the Alt key. Release the button and click the date. During cloning will cross to indicate the place of seizure of the fragment.
Remember that the higher the value of the tool, the harder it is to clearly impose the cloned image. Take your time and carefully choose the objects to clone in the photo.
Turn on your camera disk setting mode to Auto (or choose it from the position in the menu). Also this setting can be made in SCN modes or M. After the installation of the automatic mode, select the menu item "date Stamp" and press the func./set.
Next by buttons "up" and "down" select the mode L. with the Buttons "left" and "right" click menu item "date and time". Non-printable area is displayed in gray. Also, when pressing "Menu" you can switch the mode to "date and time" using the same buttons "right" and "left".
Use Photo Stamp Remover by which you can easily remove unwanted objects from photos and even adjust it. The program automatically fills the selected object with the texture generated from the pixels around the object. Thus, you can process many photos in minutes.