Make sure that your camera has a function "timer" (or self timer). If you do not know how to enable it, read the manual to the camera.
Set the settings for the light. If you're new to photography, select automatic mode. In dimly lit rooms, use a flash.
Look for the camera support. Table, chair or any other piece of furniture in the room, any smooth surface on the outside is perfect. Don't forget your camera – check the properly it's worth, could fall from an accidental push.
The ideal option would be a tripod. If you often take pictures of themselves, think about buying it. Using a tripod you'll be able to get footage of yourself.
Build a composition. Look through the viewfinder (or on the display of the camera) to the place where you are going to be photographed. If you will star in not one, ask your friends to stand up for the frame. Point focus. Configure the desired approximation (of course, from the place where it will be the camera), take a test shot. If the light settings all fit in the frame, if there's a photo of foreign objects.
Set the timer. Usually the delay offered in 5, 10, 30 seconds. Think about how much time you'll need to walk to location and position. Set a timer, hit the shutter and run to your seat. However, too, don't hurry – you will only create an atmosphere of panic and laughter, that may interfere with the initial idea.
Warn your friends that how many seconds the shutter releases. Usually the cameras every second, say a sound signal. Make sure that to the moment the photo is done, no one in the frame does not move or change position.
Wait for the sound that the photo and look at the result. Shooting on a timer – not an easy task, so be prepared for the fact that you have to make several attempts.