If you prefer simple direct printing, that is, removing the frame "as is", then change the screen settings as follows: go to menu of camera and look for the item Image size. Select the figure closest to the size 1915х1285 is the most suitable for printing of the format 10x15 cm, most common size photos. Most likely, the menu will 2048х... Remember that during the shooting of the upper and lower part of the frame will be cut off, therefore, should not be placed there, important for the shooting objects.
Adjust the color of pictures. Help make this the settings for "brightness" (brightness), contrast (contrast), clarity (sharpness) and saturation (saturation). By changing these settings, make sure the color of the images became more intense, the outlines less blurry. Brightness adjustment is necessary, if the pictures seem too dark or, on the contrary, light.
Do not be lazy to switch shooting modes. Digital camera has many features for all types of lighting - be it night, day, lighting in a disco or during the fireworks. Only if you correctly choose lighting mode, are sufficiently clear, with a bright and intense color.
Carefully read the instructions. There is painted in detail all the special features of your camera: rotate shots, the AF illuminator, optimization of range and other options.
Learn how to work with the story modes. They are designated by special letters. M – manual mode, which allows you to set shutter speed and aperture (it is usually used by professional photographers). S – shutter priority mode, which is used usually to "catch the moment", for example, during sports competitions. P – program mode where the camera chooses the appropriate settings. A – mode, which are characteristic for the aperture priority. The choice of the mode depends on your level of ability, but you can experiment with all.