The difficulty settings of the camera "Zenit" depends on whether he included light meter. This is a special device with a photocell, to measure the amount of light and allows you to set such values of aperture and shutter speed at which you get good light and colour photos. In "Zenith" the exposure meters are of two types: TTL and selenium. Selenium is specific to models E, EM and others. TTL light meter is characterized in that the solar cell is directly in the lens, it is much easier. Determine what the exposure meter is equipped with your camera.
If your Zenith set the TTL-light metering, be sure to replace the battery, even if it works. As a consequence, the use of old batteries leads to understated values of the exposure meter and overexposed photos. TTL-exposure meter has an indicator directly in the lens. It's a small arrow, which should be exactly in the middle if the exposure settings are perfect. She rises up, when the frame is too light, and lowered when it is dark. Needle shows a value only when you press the shutter button. To check the exposure value, slightly push the shutter button, but not so much that the shutter reacted.
Setting aperture and shutter speed regulates the amount of light that falls on film. The simplest approach is to set the shutter speed, similar in meaning to the film ISO and the aperture to adjust the exposure meter. This means that if the film has a sensitivity of 100 units, then the shutter speed needs to be 125, 200 units, 250, 400 and 500.
If selenium exposure meter, you can not pay attention to his testimony. The fact that these solar cells degrade quickly, and since their manufacture ceased long ago, your light meter is also most likely is not working correctly. If you don't possess the practical information on the selection of exposure, it is best to get an external light meter. Putting the shutter speed on the camera to adjust the aperture. If the maximum open aperture, the light meter shows that the light is low, you can set a slower shutter speed (lower shutter speed, so it is longer). If at fully closed diaphragm light is still a lot, the shutter speed has to be reduced. Some modern photographers use the light meter instead of digital "soap".
When set the capture settings in the exposure meter is not possible, then you can take advantage of the proven recommendations in this regard. Alternatively, you can use the exposure values recommended in the table.
Experiment. First time use of the film on 12 frames, record shooting settings in which pictures are taken. So you will quickly realize what parameters to set in different conditions, even if you have no light meter that can help. Remember that shutter speed determines the time during which light will affect the film, and the exposure adjusts the amount of light. After trying different settings, you quickly get used to the capabilities of the camera and can take good shots without worrying about shutter speed and aperture.
When the exposure and shutter speed set, move the focus on the object that you are shooting. This is the easy part settings.