The most "dangerous" in terms of cheating is considered the age from twenty-eight to forty-five years and, most importantly, statistically, any marriage is immune. The peak probability of betrayal reaches three, nine, or fourteen years of living together, but it is not necessary to dwell on it, because the data numbers for each family is individual and not always correct.
Women today in no way want to give the men, in particular, and in part a small affair then, sudden manner, develop into a divorce. The first suffragettes, once fought for their rights, put forward his main thesis: "Why do men have the right to change, and women not?". But to this day, despite the indiscriminate emancipation, women cheat much less than men (nearly three times, according to statistics). Maybe it was the fact that the morality of women is much higher than in modern men.
In General, modern women are considered to be more conservative towards change, because they still have traditional views on marriage, considering themselves "homemakers". However, one type of women is strictly against cheating and the other doesn't accept it only for themselves, but not against the probable infidelity of other women in order to get at least some solace from a failed family life. The majority admit that they do not mind at least once to commit adultery, but prevent different circumstances: family problems, children and household chores. A woman will think a hundred times before agreeing to such an affair.
The fact that women are much less likely to cheat on their husbands, can be explained by the fact that they have fewer opportunities for it, because the circle of married women narrowed to their friends, relatives and work colleagues. And if no suitable candidate at least for a quick flirt, and moral principles do not allow to have a small affair with friend's husband, then, in General, and to choose her more, not from anyone.
Men, moreover, do not have to look very good excuses for frequent absences from home, as their selection is enormous: the man was invited to drink a beer; repairing the car or simply stayed on the job. And if the wife sees fit to verify the words of the husband, any of his friends, from a purely male solidarity, confirm his alibi. What can be said about female solidarity, as a friend, one of her known reason, at any time can "lay" friend husband. Besides the unexpectedly close friendship, more recently, not-so-loved ones women can cause issues.
Whatever it was, female infidelity, if it occurred, bears to marriage much more serious consequences. Unlike men who believe that cheating does not affect their family relationships, women who are seriously fascinated, do not want to put up with occasional meetings. After all, if they have serious feelings for them career, reputation and stability of marriage fade into the background, and in this case divorce is imminent.